10 Reminders for Your Skincare Stash

Astart of a new year means a fresh start in the beauty department. It’s time to evaluate and declutter our beauty collection. We’ve narrowed it down to our top 10 tips to make better use of the products we’ve all been holding on to for possibly way too long.

  1. Toss Out Old Products
    Let go of expired products! This is especially true when it comes to over the counter skin care products including sunscreen and acne treatments. As a general rule, significant odor, color, or texture change of a product can indicate it’s time to get rid of them.
  2. Store Oils in Tinted Glass Bottles
    Did you know that oils can go bad as time passes? If you’re noticing an unpleasant odor when using your oils, consider picking up a new bottle. Oils naturally become oxidized over time and poor storage conditions can only speed up this process. Aside from keeping oils in dark tinted glass, keep them away from sunlight and the heat.
  3. Not All Products Need Refrigeration
    Although skincare fridges are the new beauty lovers must have, not all products need to be refrigerated. Products that have high water content and use water compatible ingredients such as sheet masks and toners work well in the fridge. Emulsions or products containing both water and oil ingredients such as lotions, serums, and creams are best left on the counter.
  4. Recycle and Reuse
    Finally finished with that jar of moisturizer? Upcycling containers as mini plant pots can add a nice touch of greenery throughout your space. Not in tune with nature, no worries. Containers can work well as storage solutions for cotton pads or cotton swabs too! With mini jars, give it a good soapy scrub and refill with your favorite travel essentials for on the go.
  5. Samples Within Arms Reach
    Samples. Samples. Samples. Do you stumble across little packets of products at the rate of losing bobby pins? Simply gather all your samples and keep them within eyesight. Move samples stuffed in the back of drawers to a vanity tray or small container on top of the counter for easy access. In sight, in mind.
  6. Expand Your Storage
    The bathroom shouldn’t be the only place to store your skincare goodies. Hot showers means lots of steam, and steam means there’s a continual cycle of evaporation and condensation. Although most products are able to withstand drastic temperature and humidity changes, it’s not a bad idea to store products in a basket with a lid in the closet or even under the bed.
  7. Clean Your Tools
    We all know that we should be cleaning our makeup brushes and sponges often, but there’s more to that list. Don’t forget to clean your tweezers, eyelash curlers, mask applicators, face washcloth, facial rollers, dermablades, and cleansing brush heads! While we’re at it, empty out facial misters and give it a proper wash too.
  8. Rotate Skincare Products
    Should we switch out our skincare as the season changes? Yes and no. Staples such as sunscreen and cleansers should stay. Moisturizers could go either way. If a moisturizer is working for you, keep it in as a staple and incorporate additional complementary products in your routine. While adding a facial oil in the winter can help nourish the skin, it may not be necessary during the summer months.
  9. Track Those Start Dates
    For those who are mega organized, keep a list of dates of when products were opened with their corresponding period after opening date or expiration. Otherwise, simply add a label directly on the product with the date it was first opened!
  10. Conscious Consumption
    Aside from immediate steps that could be taken to freshen up your skincare stash, consider putting forth a new mindset for future purchases. By buying products with intention and having a conscious effort for long term organization and sustainable practices, we cut back on excess while still being able to enjoy the products we love.